Don’t worry about being happy – feeling okay is good enough

This statement isn’t going to blow your mind – in fact, it may not even wheeze on it to any significant degree.

But I think I’m content.

That’s no small thing – not in today’s societal stew of selfishness, intolerance and deranged one-upmanship.

Serve that broth with lashings of corporate-sponsored envy, a side order of sour grapes and then over-salt the whole thing with sensory-deadening threats wafting from every orifice.

Suddenly the dish is less appetising than Piers Morgan in a candy-floss thong.

So why am I content?

Why am I even – on occasion – happy? Continue reading “Don’t worry about being happy – feeling okay is good enough”

Empathy for the Devil – Surviving Cynicism in 2017 

Care, share, create, connect, organise, act

Forget the Euro, dollar, pound or even the Smackeroony – cynicism is the new currency being traded across the world.

And cousin, business is a-booming.

If society is a stick of rock then the word cynicism is written through it on every strata – from kids on YouTube to flat-capped fogeys ranting about Islams at the bus stop.

Somewhere along the line we decided we’d had enough. Continue reading “Empathy for the Devil – Surviving Cynicism in 2017 “